Rage Game Review

rage full game review
is a stunning piece of gaming, it's a post apocalyptic fantasy brought to life. It all starts out with a meteor that is about to collide into the earth and you are put into RX so humanity can survive. When you wake up though nothing is what it once was, blood thirsty bandits, insanely twisted mutants, and an evil government known as The Authority populate this now devastated world.

It's time to survive, explore, pick up new weapons, and a whole lot of new bullets. Your gonna trick out your own vehicle, earn money in races, collect bounties on bandits who are on the road blocking commerce. You're also going to play politics, earn a little cash on the game show called Mutant T.V. which is like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and taking missions mainly as a gun for hire.

The enemies in rage don't move like anything you've ever seen before in a video game, they climb ceilings, dodge bullets, jump over obstacles, they duck and weave towards you, they are smart and react realistically. If you shoot off their arm they are going to favor their other arm because of the damage you've done. Rage is about the details from the excellent voice work to in game character animations that are a breathe of fresh air.

The professionally accurate gameplay is ready for competitive gaming right out of the box. The controls are tight and the vehicles are done so well that they turned it into a post apocalyptic racing game. The world is beautiful, it's distracting and feels authentic, there is an amazing amount of thought put into every piece of junk and every mad scribbling on the wall. Rage feels lived in and it feels real like this post apocalypse has existed for hundreds of years.

If you've every had a post apocalyptic fantasy then this game is going to let you live that out. Rage has the technical prose that few games have achieved, the same people who created Doom, Doom 2, and Quake have mad this game and it's just as solid and impactful as those games were.
Rage raises the bar in gameplay, graphics, and even story and I give it 9 stars out of 10.