Orcs Must Die Game Review

orcs must die review
From the moment I saw the Lord of the Rings movies I wanted a video game that would allow me to kill Orcs, well my Orc killing need has been met with Orcs Must Die. Orcs must die let's you shoot, explode, crush, and slice as many Orcs as you possibly want. It is a tower defense game as you must defend your Castle against hoards and hoards of Orcs. The whole purpose is to protect a portal so the Orcs can't travel to your homeland.

You choose from a large array of traps, weapons, allies, and spells to help you defend against the onslaught. it is like a medieval fantasy third person version of Plants versus Zombies and there is nothing wrong with that. The gameplay is really fun, I got child like enjoyment just setting up my fortress and the humor reminded me of Army of Darkness. Also watching alot of Orcs dying in so many ways is just kind of awesome.

You'll be up to your neck in Orc blood and fun and I give Orcs must Die a 7 out of 10 review.