Battlefield 3 Game Review

battlefield 3 reviewFrom bullets to buildings, dog fights in the air and fire fights underground, Battlefield 3 is a beautiful gritty shooter that is second to none. The best feature of Battlefield 3 is it's multiplayer which looks good and more importantly it feels good. The controls are professionally tight, it is every bit as quick as you are always giving you the room to be a better gamer and that means that you need to learn your maps, figure out strategies, and choose what weapon is best for you, the tactics and the role that is best for every combat situation.

They've given you the tools to have a lot of fun, Battlefield 3 has so much diversity in every aspect that it does almost prevent you from every getting bored. There is never just one way to play the game, you need to adapt, learn, and grow or you are going die. In no way is this a condescending shooter that will hold your hand the whole way, Battlefield 3 will challenge you to be a better gamer.

The single player campaign is cookie cutter from just about any military terrorist movie you've ever seen, But unlike previous Battlefield games there is some rock solid acting in this game. I did run into some few graphical glitches here and there but nothing you should consider to be a deal breaker. And in the single player campaign the computer controlled allies tend to push you out of their way when you are in there way which breaks that ultra real feeling you get from the game.

Battlefield 3 has only itself to compete with now, the graphics are stunning, the multiplayer is thrilling, the sound the music the acting are all great. And you are going to be distracted by how stunningly photo realistic this game is, and on top all of this the game is just really fun to play. I give Battlefield 3 a 10 out of 10 review.