Battlefield 3 Game Review

battlefield 3 reviewFrom bullets to buildings, dog fights in the air and fire fights underground, Battlefield 3 is a beautiful gritty shooter that is second to none. The best feature of Battlefield 3 is it's multiplayer which looks good and more importantly it feels good. The controls are professionally tight, it is every bit as quick as you are always giving you the room to be a better gamer and that means that you need to learn your maps, figure out strategies, and choose what weapon is best for you, the tactics and the role that is best for every combat situation.

They've given you the tools to have a lot of fun, Battlefield 3 has so much diversity in every aspect that it does almost prevent you from every getting bored. There is never just one way to play the game, you need to adapt, learn, and grow or you are going die. In no way is this a condescending shooter that will hold your hand the whole way, Battlefield 3 will challenge you to be a better gamer.

The single player campaign is cookie cutter from just about any military terrorist movie you've ever seen, But unlike previous Battlefield games there is some rock solid acting in this game. I did run into some few graphical glitches here and there but nothing you should consider to be a deal breaker. And in the single player campaign the computer controlled allies tend to push you out of their way when you are in there way which breaks that ultra real feeling you get from the game.

Battlefield 3 has only itself to compete with now, the graphics are stunning, the multiplayer is thrilling, the sound the music the acting are all great. And you are going to be distracted by how stunningly photo realistic this game is, and on top all of this the game is just really fun to play. I give Battlefield 3 a 10 out of 10 review.

Orcs Must Die Game Review

orcs must die review
From the moment I saw the Lord of the Rings movies I wanted a video game that would allow me to kill Orcs, well my Orc killing need has been met with Orcs Must Die. Orcs must die let's you shoot, explode, crush, and slice as many Orcs as you possibly want. It is a tower defense game as you must defend your Castle against hoards and hoards of Orcs. The whole purpose is to protect a portal so the Orcs can't travel to your homeland.

You choose from a large array of traps, weapons, allies, and spells to help you defend against the onslaught. it is like a medieval fantasy third person version of Plants versus Zombies and there is nothing wrong with that. The gameplay is really fun, I got child like enjoyment just setting up my fortress and the humor reminded me of Army of Darkness. Also watching alot of Orcs dying in so many ways is just kind of awesome.

You'll be up to your neck in Orc blood and fun and I give Orcs must Die a 7 out of 10 review.

Batman Arkham City Game Review

review of Batman Arkham City Game
Batman Arkham City is bigger, it's badder, and it's deadlier than ever before. Arkham City feels like a live action comic book putting you in the role of Batman and as the morally ambiguous and provocative Catwoman. You explore the walled prison of Gotham where the criminally insane are allowed to rome free and deal out their own brand of justice. The Penguin, Two Face, and the Joker all struggle for control of this prison city as Hugo Strange acts as the warden of Arkham with some dark purpose in mind.

The games plot will twist, it will turn and it will definitely shock you. Nearly every Batman villain you wanted to face off with comes to life. You'll match wits with The Riddler, fight off thugs of the Penguin and investigate, fight, and even make deals with dozens of the characters from the Batman universe. The performances are all strong, most notably is Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker, both of which have been voicing these characters for 19 years and it really shows.

The music and the art are beautiful and the combat really flows, it's not about hitting buttons as fast as you can it's more of a dance. Timing is everything, the better you time your strikes the more experience you're going to earn and that experience buys you gadgets, weapons, upgrades for your armor, and new combat skills.

The plot will make you want to run forward, the pacing is so precise that you're going to forget you're playing a game and feel like you're watching a movie or turning the pages of a comic book. Batman Arkham City will leave you wanting more, it will definitely leave you with some heavy cliff hangers, and a lot of questions. And the fate of the next game depends on how they answer those questions. Batman Arkham City has great combat, beautiful graphics, and an excellent story that takes ownership Batman lure just as much as any of the comic books or movies have. I give this game a review of 10 stars out of 10.

Rage Game Review

rage full game review
is a stunning piece of gaming, it's a post apocalyptic fantasy brought to life. It all starts out with a meteor that is about to collide into the earth and you are put into RX so humanity can survive. When you wake up though nothing is what it once was, blood thirsty bandits, insanely twisted mutants, and an evil government known as The Authority populate this now devastated world.

It's time to survive, explore, pick up new weapons, and a whole lot of new bullets. Your gonna trick out your own vehicle, earn money in races, collect bounties on bandits who are on the road blocking commerce. You're also going to play politics, earn a little cash on the game show called Mutant T.V. which is like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and taking missions mainly as a gun for hire.

The enemies in rage don't move like anything you've ever seen before in a video game, they climb ceilings, dodge bullets, jump over obstacles, they duck and weave towards you, they are smart and react realistically. If you shoot off their arm they are going to favor their other arm because of the damage you've done. Rage is about the details from the excellent voice work to in game character animations that are a breathe of fresh air.

The professionally accurate gameplay is ready for competitive gaming right out of the box. The controls are tight and the vehicles are done so well that they turned it into a post apocalyptic racing game. The world is beautiful, it's distracting and feels authentic, there is an amazing amount of thought put into every piece of junk and every mad scribbling on the wall. Rage feels lived in and it feels real like this post apocalypse has existed for hundreds of years.

If you've every had a post apocalyptic fantasy then this game is going to let you live that out. Rage has the technical prose that few games have achieved, the same people who created Doom, Doom 2, and Quake have mad this game and it's just as solid and impactful as those games were.
Rage raises the bar in gameplay, graphics, and even story and I give it 9 stars out of 10.