Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Game Review

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Gameplay and controls
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
is fun and frustrating, this 2D side action puzzler is inventive in it's lack of invention. They've stripped out a long story introduction, hand holding tutorials, or even a sense of where to go and that for the most part is a good thing. This game is learn as you play and what drives it is the accomplishment of discovery. The controls could use some further tweaking but you should get the hand of things fairly quickly.

The visuals are the strenght of the game though the information that they give you is not, you will run into some puzzles that fail to indicate what you're doing wrong. Understand though that the times you run into weak controls and poor indicators are far and few between and that does not keep this game from being fun and inventive. It has a great soundtrack and very solid boss battles, it is a very pleasant return to games like Blood Money and the lack of hand holding is a plus for me. I give Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 7 stars out of 10.