Battlefield 3 Early Review

battlefield 3 gameplay review
I got to play a few rounds of Battlefield 3 and wanted to give a quick review, when the full game is released we will then do a full review of the game. so here goes..

Kick the tires and light the fires because Battlefield 3 is almost here. When you think first person shooter you think guns, explosions, vehicles, and if you're very lucky some aircraft. But all too often you forget about the details and after demoing Battlefield 3 a few times I found that is the heart of what Battlefield 3 is about. When playing the game it was fun, it was intense but in a way I have never quite experienced before. The immersion was so deep that it took me a few moments to figure out why.

The attention to detail and the realism in Battlefield 3 is striking, beyond the bullets and the falling buildings is a beautiful game and the graphics engine named Frostbite renders it all fantastically. You will see bullets chip away at pillars, shadows of small rocks in the dessert, and flying glass. So much is destructible in Battlefield 3 that it makes you feel like you have a real impact on your environment, and even the lighting feels like a real character. When the visual elements are combined with the sound design it actually hits this instinctual cord, you feel like this is all happening for real on some level.

Now this is a first person shooter so obviously the environment isn't what really grabs your focus, it's the other players and the A.I. And even on that level the faces look alarmingly realistic, the way the soldiers walk, the way they run, and even how they revive each other gives a sense of authenticity that has been lost in many shooters. It's exactly like the difference between a hardcore racing simulation and an arcade racer. Battlefield 3 is an intense shooter and what I've played so far is exceptionally fun, there will be multiplayer maps of up to 64 people and I think that's where the real game will begin. Those are my brief impressions of Battlefield 3 but we won't know the whole story till the full game comes out this October.