Deus Ex: Human Revolution Game Review

review of deus ex human revolution
The year is 2027, you play Adam Jenson who after an attack had to be cybernectically augmented so he could survive. These augmentations define the gameplay and the story as a war is waged over the augmentation of the humans and the altering of human evolution. Deus Ex Human Revolution stylistically picks up in many ways where Blade Runner left off. It feels exactly like the original Deus Ex 2000 game and that is a very good thing.

The game offers choice, nearly every mission can be approached in three ways. Using stealth, conversation, or good old fashion fighting Deus Ex let's you own the game, you choose how you want to fight, what you say, the missions you take, and how you complete them. One day you maybe be playing Deus Ex and you may want to blast your way into every mission, the next day maybe you decide that you'll talk your way out of every conflict, it is up to you, Deus Ex Human Revolution is your game.

The price of these choices is a level of complexity that not every gamer might be used to, Deus Ex will not hold your hand, you need to explore, think, and be strategic. You have a variety of weapons all of which are upgradable and you can also upgrade your cybernetics giving you the ability to see and punch through walls, become invisible, jump higher, run faster, well you get the picture.

Deus Ex is a great game that gives you the possibilities that can spark your imagination. The weak spots however are some very bad character modeling and animations at times, faces go from looking perfectly normal to perfectly terrible as does some of the acting. The main character though is incredibly well acted and he anchors the game. Bad acting and puppet like animations hold it back from being a perfect game but this is an incredible beautifully world and it's easy to get lost in. I give Deus Ex Human Revolution 9 stars out of 10.

Battlefield 3 Early Review

battlefield 3 gameplay review
I got to play a few rounds of Battlefield 3 and wanted to give a quick review, when the full game is released we will then do a full review of the game. so here goes..

Kick the tires and light the fires because Battlefield 3 is almost here. When you think first person shooter you think guns, explosions, vehicles, and if you're very lucky some aircraft. But all too often you forget about the details and after demoing Battlefield 3 a few times I found that is the heart of what Battlefield 3 is about. When playing the game it was fun, it was intense but in a way I have never quite experienced before. The immersion was so deep that it took me a few moments to figure out why.

The attention to detail and the realism in Battlefield 3 is striking, beyond the bullets and the falling buildings is a beautiful game and the graphics engine named Frostbite renders it all fantastically. You will see bullets chip away at pillars, shadows of small rocks in the dessert, and flying glass. So much is destructible in Battlefield 3 that it makes you feel like you have a real impact on your environment, and even the lighting feels like a real character. When the visual elements are combined with the sound design it actually hits this instinctual cord, you feel like this is all happening for real on some level.

Now this is a first person shooter so obviously the environment isn't what really grabs your focus, it's the other players and the A.I. And even on that level the faces look alarmingly realistic, the way the soldiers walk, the way they run, and even how they revive each other gives a sense of authenticity that has been lost in many shooters. It's exactly like the difference between a hardcore racing simulation and an arcade racer. Battlefield 3 is an intense shooter and what I've played so far is exceptionally fun, there will be multiplayer maps of up to 64 people and I think that's where the real game will begin. Those are my brief impressions of Battlefield 3 but we won't know the whole story till the full game comes out this October.

Boulder Dash XL Game Review

boulder dash xl gameplayBoulder Dash is back digging, crushing, and grabbing diamonds. You play Rockford who in the original 1984 version was just a guy trying to grab some diamonds while dodging fireflies and killing butterflies. Now Rockford is a robot with a telescoping arm and has a host of new enemies, maps, and devices. The first few levels are very easy but just about the time you start getting cocky things get deadly fast.

You're racing against the clock trying to collect as many diamonds as you possibly can so you can open up the next exit. The real danger is getting greedy, thinking you have time to grab just one more diamond, that you can reach another one despite the danger. The most difficult part of Boulder Dash is you and that is what makes this game so fun, the urge to smarter to problem solve faster is at the core of what has always made this game great.

The best thing about Boulder Dash XL though is the original 8 bit version that comes with it, which honestly I enjoy playing more than the HD version. It was one of my favorite games on the Commodore 64 and it has a certain intensity that the HD version just can't capture. The original mechanics of Boulder Dash still hold up, the game is fun, fast paced, and requires a great deal of skill. We give Boulder Dash 8 stars out of 10.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Game Review

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Gameplay and controls
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
is fun and frustrating, this 2D side action puzzler is inventive in it's lack of invention. They've stripped out a long story introduction, hand holding tutorials, or even a sense of where to go and that for the most part is a good thing. This game is learn as you play and what drives it is the accomplishment of discovery. The controls could use some further tweaking but you should get the hand of things fairly quickly.

The visuals are the strenght of the game though the information that they give you is not, you will run into some puzzles that fail to indicate what you're doing wrong. Understand though that the times you run into weak controls and poor indicators are far and few between and that does not keep this game from being fun and inventive. It has a great soundtrack and very solid boss battles, it is a very pleasant return to games like Blood Money and the lack of hand holding is a plus for me. I give Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 7 stars out of 10.

From Dust Game Review

The world is what you make it in From Dust, this game gives you the potential to be like a God with creation. You can build mountains, divert rivers, channel lava flows, and expand the land of your tribe. From Dust is currently on available on the Xbox 360 and coming to the PC and it's an artful return to the games like Populous.

Every level introduces you to a new map full of challenges, Nature is often against you and your people with frequent tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and wildfires. Scattered throughout the land are totems which you build your villages around. These totems often give you powers to dry out the land preventing floods, gather up more land water of lava, extinguish fires and a whole lot more.

You can also discover new knowledge that can be passed from villager to villager that will help protect your people. For the most part your villagers are smart, you can't control them directly, but you can send them on missions. But there are times you will watch your villagers walk into their own death or get stuck but that doesn't happen too often.

From Dust is fun for the first 10 minutes and then you'll look up at the clock and realise you've been playing this game for 6 hours only to build a wall of lava. It is time consuming and very hard to put down in the best of ways, we give this game 8 stars out of 10.