Bastion Game Review

bastion gameplay review
Bastion talks you into playing it with great narration, it feels like a story book is being read to you. The narrator is half this game and with a voice that sounds like the Duke Nukem character's voice its very entrancing. This narration and deeply inventive story is what makes Bastion so mesmerizing. Every level is relatively short, there are however plenty of levels to play and every step gives you new insights to your character, the few survivors of Bastion that have been left, and how the world has been destroyed.

What's really odd about the game and really great is that everything you do is commented on and it makes you feel like you're writing this adventure. It's a truly original concept and it really does pay off. Bastion has your normal role playing game features with upgrades for weapons and abilities, there is a surprisingly large amount of upgrades and gear to choose from. This game casts a spell that will entrance just about anyone, and it's definitely one of the most original games I've played in years. It reminds me of movies like Dark City, NeverEnding Story, and even Labyrinth. Bastion is available for $15 on Xbox Live, I give this game 9 stars out of 10.