Alice The Madness Returns Game Review

alice the madness returns video gameplay
Alice The Madness Returns
has what is best in games, first the game play is entirely tight, fun, and rewarding so don't worry about any of that. You can shrink, see the invisible, strike with a blade, shoot pepper corn like a mini gun, smash with a hobby horse, and even wield one deadly tea pot.

What is remarkable about the game and you probably guested it by now if you seen the previews is the art direction. The constantly changing environments and the myriad of vivid characters. You are in a world influenced by a young woman's english and it reflects that in every turn in this twisted and warped wonderland. It is the world that compels you to move forward faster and faster like a kid trying to see every attraction at a theme park.

The story is pushing you ahead as well with an element of intrigue, you're trying to find out what happened to you and your family, and the process of defeating enemies, overcoming obstacles, and solving puzzles brings you closer and closer to the truth. Alice has an incredible amount of subtext and it's a fascinating game to play, the idea just like it was 10 years ago, with American Mcgee's original Alice is incredible fun and smart, and this new game is everything that Alive the movie should have been.

Rarely will you see a game story, art direction, gameplay all so directly linked and influential to each other, amongst the chaos Alice has a great deal of harmony. If you want to go further down the rabbit hole then you should play Alice The Madness Returns. We give this game 9 stars out of 10.