Mortal Kombat Game Review 2011

Mortal Kombat is back and it's actually is better than ever. The series has had some big missteps since the game came out, but now they have dragged back home. The controls are quick and accurate. Most of your favorite characters are back and some of my lease favorite characters. If you have played the games before your old muscle memory will return, and if you haven't you won't be left out in the sub-zero cold, there are plenty of tutorials to whip you into fighting shape.

Mortal Kombat was the first game to introduce fatalities, now they are introducing X-ray moves. These special moves give you an inside glance at the damage you're doing to your opponent. Match making works very well and there are a variety of modes such as tag team and king of the hill. The multiplayer experience is very well thought out. So jump up and down get ready to crack some heads and get ready for some kombat. We give Mortal Kombat 8 fatalities out of 10.