Killzone 3 Game Review

killzone 3 freeKillzone 3 is the kind of game you buy to show off what your PlayStation 3 can do. It's dramatic, epic, and at times distractingly beautiful. You will see a bombed out capital city, a lush jungle, a cold Arctic shore, and in all these places the art direction and graphics are masterly handled.

But unfortunately Killzone 3 is not about taking photos of your beautiful sunny vacation on helghast. It's about shooting dudes, a lot amount of dudes, a ridiculously large amount of dudes. The shooting is good, the controls and strong you feel it in your hand and everything reacts to controls exactly as they should. The mechs are awesome as mechs always are, the jetpacks are very fun.

Last but not least, the story, the Killzone series has finally found their sweet spot when it comes to pacing, the action and the storyline are evenly mixed. Though the drama from the hero's side of things does not seem original, the villain stories are well crafted. On top of all these improvements Killzone 3 lets you use the PlayStation move with a super easy mode to compensate for the increased difficultly. It is hard at first but you start to compensate fairly quickly and it is a fresh and new way to approach this type of game. And it does open it up to those who have never touched a PS 3 controller.

Killzone 3 is also beautifully rendered in the 3D format, so if you do have a 3D TV then you should check it out. With improved gameplay, extreme kinetic multiplayer, fantastic art direction, and a great villain, we give Killzone 9 stars out of 10.