Little Big Planet 2 Game Review

little big planet 2 game reviewYes, Sackboy is back and he is as adorable as ever. Despite massive amount of cuteness, Little Big Planet 2 is exactly where a 2d platformer ought to be. Sure you've got your limbo, you're super meatboy, but largely this genre has been done to death, buried... dug back up.... resurrected and then killed again.

What has mostly kept 2d platformers coming back are new art designs and inventive takes on gameplay, and that is where Little Big Planet 2 kicks some serious burlap butt. There is a fun if not dementia inducing story, fantastic game physics, new devices and exceptional artistic direction. That alone makes it a great game but also gives you the tools to be your own game developer, to be creative and then to show off that creativity to yours friends and the rest of the gaming community as well. And if you don't that's a big deal, over 3 million user generated levels were created from Little Big Planet 1. This is a game with no lack of content coming from it's own community.

The one big weak spot of Little Big Planet 2 is the enemies. With everything in the game feeling so inventive and fun, the baddies feel robotic and canned like they have been imported from some other lesser game. The main story levels of Little Big Planet 2 are wildly inventive and just plain fun and you are rewarded at every turn to show off your high score and by collecting new items to be use on your own level design. It's also this curiosity as to what the next level is going to look like that pushes you forward in the game again and again. I give Little Big Planet 8 stars out of 10.