The Lord Of The Rings : War In The North Review

lord of the rings war in the north game review
The Lord of the Rings : War in the North has the goblins, the trolls, and even the Black Riders. They've even got the art direction down, the music and the graphics but what's missing is it's heart. The elements of the story hold up well with the rest of the Lord of the Rings lure, it's technically proficient as a story. The level designs through are incredibly repetitious, they make this beautiful world but they don't ever really let you explore it.

The combat is often feels sluggish it's mostly hack and slash and it's not as responsive as it should be. Boss battles go from extremely boring to very inventive and fun. The voice work does not deliver at all and it really kind breaks that this is part of the Lords of the Rings universe. The idea for the story is sound they really know their lure but they forget what makes the Lord of the Rings so good, these books were about ordinary people, the hobbits, being thrown into extraordinary situations. Instead of following the theme of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings they emulate the relationship Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli which is a good idea but you don't get a sense of a friendship between these video game characters in the writing or in the acting.

In a world full of rich history you don't feel like these characters have any. What made the Lord of the Rings so good Isn't the evil forces of Sauron, the Goblins, the Trolls, or the evil figure heads but the characters that were fighting the darkness which made these books so good. The Lord of the Rings War in the North is a great idea for a game but bad level design, mediocre acting, some weak writing, and more importantly a lack of heart prevent it from being great. It just feels average and we don't expect average from The Lord of the Rings. I give this game a 7 out of 10.

Sonic Generations Game Review

sonic generations review gameplay
Sonic the Hedgehog is back! The Sega platformer returns with all his friends and eras all rolled into one game, Sonic Generations. The whole gang is attacked by a new enemy the Time Eater and this why you can jump from era to era, sonic to sonic. They've shoved about 20 years of Sonic history into this one game moving from 2D and 3D almost seamlessly.

Some nice features include earning points to unlock special abilities at the shop and also the original the original Sega Genesis game. Despite some painful cut scenes clearly meant for a younger audience, the gameplay is fantastic, it's fast paced and a frenetic roller coaster ride both in 2D and in 3D.

The only real hiccup I found was sometimes when you're in the 3D mode it's harder to navigate and it breaks the momentum of the game. At first glance the game may look like impossible chaos but it's not, you'd be surprised how easy it is to understand what's happening when you're the one playing not the one watching.

The gameplay is inventive, nostalgia inducing, and it's definitely worth it for any fan of the Sonic series. I give Sonic Generations 7 coins out of 10.

Battlefield 3 Game Review

battlefield 3 reviewFrom bullets to buildings, dog fights in the air and fire fights underground, Battlefield 3 is a beautiful gritty shooter that is second to none. The best feature of Battlefield 3 is it's multiplayer which looks good and more importantly it feels good. The controls are professionally tight, it is every bit as quick as you are always giving you the room to be a better gamer and that means that you need to learn your maps, figure out strategies, and choose what weapon is best for you, the tactics and the role that is best for every combat situation.

They've given you the tools to have a lot of fun, Battlefield 3 has so much diversity in every aspect that it does almost prevent you from every getting bored. There is never just one way to play the game, you need to adapt, learn, and grow or you are going die. In no way is this a condescending shooter that will hold your hand the whole way, Battlefield 3 will challenge you to be a better gamer.

The single player campaign is cookie cutter from just about any military terrorist movie you've ever seen, But unlike previous Battlefield games there is some rock solid acting in this game. I did run into some few graphical glitches here and there but nothing you should consider to be a deal breaker. And in the single player campaign the computer controlled allies tend to push you out of their way when you are in there way which breaks that ultra real feeling you get from the game.

Battlefield 3 has only itself to compete with now, the graphics are stunning, the multiplayer is thrilling, the sound the music the acting are all great. And you are going to be distracted by how stunningly photo realistic this game is, and on top all of this the game is just really fun to play. I give Battlefield 3 a 10 out of 10 review.

Orcs Must Die Game Review

orcs must die review
From the moment I saw the Lord of the Rings movies I wanted a video game that would allow me to kill Orcs, well my Orc killing need has been met with Orcs Must Die. Orcs must die let's you shoot, explode, crush, and slice as many Orcs as you possibly want. It is a tower defense game as you must defend your Castle against hoards and hoards of Orcs. The whole purpose is to protect a portal so the Orcs can't travel to your homeland.

You choose from a large array of traps, weapons, allies, and spells to help you defend against the onslaught. it is like a medieval fantasy third person version of Plants versus Zombies and there is nothing wrong with that. The gameplay is really fun, I got child like enjoyment just setting up my fortress and the humor reminded me of Army of Darkness. Also watching alot of Orcs dying in so many ways is just kind of awesome.

You'll be up to your neck in Orc blood and fun and I give Orcs must Die a 7 out of 10 review.

Batman Arkham City Game Review

review of Batman Arkham City Game
Batman Arkham City is bigger, it's badder, and it's deadlier than ever before. Arkham City feels like a live action comic book putting you in the role of Batman and as the morally ambiguous and provocative Catwoman. You explore the walled prison of Gotham where the criminally insane are allowed to rome free and deal out their own brand of justice. The Penguin, Two Face, and the Joker all struggle for control of this prison city as Hugo Strange acts as the warden of Arkham with some dark purpose in mind.

The games plot will twist, it will turn and it will definitely shock you. Nearly every Batman villain you wanted to face off with comes to life. You'll match wits with The Riddler, fight off thugs of the Penguin and investigate, fight, and even make deals with dozens of the characters from the Batman universe. The performances are all strong, most notably is Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker, both of which have been voicing these characters for 19 years and it really shows.

The music and the art are beautiful and the combat really flows, it's not about hitting buttons as fast as you can it's more of a dance. Timing is everything, the better you time your strikes the more experience you're going to earn and that experience buys you gadgets, weapons, upgrades for your armor, and new combat skills.

The plot will make you want to run forward, the pacing is so precise that you're going to forget you're playing a game and feel like you're watching a movie or turning the pages of a comic book. Batman Arkham City will leave you wanting more, it will definitely leave you with some heavy cliff hangers, and a lot of questions. And the fate of the next game depends on how they answer those questions. Batman Arkham City has great combat, beautiful graphics, and an excellent story that takes ownership Batman lure just as much as any of the comic books or movies have. I give this game a review of 10 stars out of 10.

Rage Game Review

rage full game review
is a stunning piece of gaming, it's a post apocalyptic fantasy brought to life. It all starts out with a meteor that is about to collide into the earth and you are put into RX so humanity can survive. When you wake up though nothing is what it once was, blood thirsty bandits, insanely twisted mutants, and an evil government known as The Authority populate this now devastated world.

It's time to survive, explore, pick up new weapons, and a whole lot of new bullets. Your gonna trick out your own vehicle, earn money in races, collect bounties on bandits who are on the road blocking commerce. You're also going to play politics, earn a little cash on the game show called Mutant T.V. which is like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and taking missions mainly as a gun for hire.

The enemies in rage don't move like anything you've ever seen before in a video game, they climb ceilings, dodge bullets, jump over obstacles, they duck and weave towards you, they are smart and react realistically. If you shoot off their arm they are going to favor their other arm because of the damage you've done. Rage is about the details from the excellent voice work to in game character animations that are a breathe of fresh air.

The professionally accurate gameplay is ready for competitive gaming right out of the box. The controls are tight and the vehicles are done so well that they turned it into a post apocalyptic racing game. The world is beautiful, it's distracting and feels authentic, there is an amazing amount of thought put into every piece of junk and every mad scribbling on the wall. Rage feels lived in and it feels real like this post apocalypse has existed for hundreds of years.

If you've every had a post apocalyptic fantasy then this game is going to let you live that out. Rage has the technical prose that few games have achieved, the same people who created Doom, Doom 2, and Quake have mad this game and it's just as solid and impactful as those games were.
Rage raises the bar in gameplay, graphics, and even story and I give it 9 stars out of 10.

Gears Of War 3 Review

Gears of War 3 review
The Gears of War series has always been about brutal war, a desperate struggle, an entire world falling to ruin. That desperation has always shown in great gameplay, running, taking cover, gathering what ammo you can, even the most famous weapon of the series, the Lancer Assault Rifle, illustrates how vicious this fight is.

Every soldier has biceps the size of tree trunks, everyone looks scarred and battle hardened. Gears of War is not lacking in identity, and the environment from all 3 games is always echoed of a beautiful world that has since been destroyed. This awesome unflinching reality barely influences the story of Gears of War 3 though. The sense of real loss is almost lost in gears of War 3, make no mistake not everyone is going to make it. There are going to be some notable moments of darkness and drama in this final game of the trilogy. There needed to be more, more mistakes need to be made, and more fallen heroes.

The dialogue between characters is quick and snappy though bordering on overly chatty. But it gives you a sense of friendship in this ragtag squad, they really flush out the heroes of Gears in this game. Claudia Black as Sam delivers a solid and believable performance and Ice T is very much Ice T. Though when your focus becomes the character it doesn't matter how many burnt out cities you see, how many graves, it all doesn't matter unless the characters that you've fallen in love with aren't burnt to the ground as well.

Gears of War 3 doesn't feel like a world many survive but many of the characters feel untouchable and this is reflected even in the gameplay. Unless you're playing this on the hardcore difficulty you're not going to face a challenge, your squad mates are either too good at picking you backup or your enemies are too weak. Cover is still part of the gameplay but it feels less important, the mechanics of Gears of War 3 is as sound as it has ever been, weapons feel visceral, the enemies are well animated and massive.

There is some mission repetition, you are given a job and something goes wrong and you're given another job and something else goes wrong and I have not spent this much time in elevators since Mass Effect 1. Versus mode is fun, horde mode is as always a blast but the new retro lancer weapon is a bit of a dud. Gears of War fans are going to be very happy with Gears of War 3, it is a very fun game, great paced story, the heart of the game is the gameplay and that does not disappoint. But Gears of War 3 could have been epic, could have been more than just good it could have been great. They could have gone out with a major bang but instead they settled for something more conventional and more predictable. I give Gears of War 3 eight stars out of 10.

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Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Early Review

uncharted 3 game review
Nathan Drake is back at it again, I got play the Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception and participated in the beta. And the impression that I got is that they are trying to make Uncharted one of PlayStation 3's premier multiplayer experiences and that's exactly what they should be shooting for. There are plenty of first person shooters out there, a slew of third person ones on top of that.

But Uncharted has another dimension that other games lack and that's quick, fast, and strategic platforming. The only other game that comes to mind like that is Assassin's Creed but that's more of a stabber not so much of a shooter. What I did get out of the game was satisfaction, pulling enemies off roof tops, performing impossible shots, great customization and a nice diverse set of low outs that help you customize your experience. These all work very well.

Even with the gameplay looking to be taken care of though the backbone of Uncharted is still the story. Uncharted 1 and 2 have some of the best stories in the business proving to be spiritual successors to movies like Indiana Jones. I did see some cinematics from Uncharted 3 and they were well performed and written but you just can't tell until you play the entire game. Uncharted 3 for the PlayStation 3 will be out on November 1, 2011.

Resistance 3 Game Review

resistance 3 gameplay review
Resistance 3
is a sci-fi action story that does not stop, it's not just a hollow shooter there is a real heart to this tale making it seem like a sci-fi version of Saving Private Ryan. The image design, the massive sci-fi world, and giant enemies is offset by a very personal story of a man trying to protect and defend his family. All the actors step up and give it there all you find yourself forgetting that this is a game and start to realize you're playing an interactive movie.

The story is skillfully handled and matched only by the gameplay, every weapon you may have dreamed of seems to be in this game. You can shoot through walls, fire one round into an enemy and have every round after that home in on that enemy so he can't escape. You can also shoot an enemy and decide to remote detonate that slug inside him, you can every create a singularity that sucks all the enemies into it. It really feels like the game developers thought about what you want and then they gave it to you among fantastic graphics, ear popping sound design, and smartly designed enemies and robust multiplayer. Resistance 3 is one of the most fun sci-fi shooters I've played, I give it a 9 out of 10.

Dead Island Game Review

dead island gameplay review
Dead Island is deadly good! It is an amazing creation in what is zombie games. You wake up on a resort island and that's when everything falls apart. A zombie plague has taken a hold, there are very little survivors and of them you're one of the few who are immune to the zombie virus. This makes you incredibly valuable to everyone who isn't a walking corpse yet.

You choose your missions and decide who gets to live or die and the zombies are not always the most dangerous thing on the island. Dead Island is about desperation, all you weapons are found or created you don't just find AK-47's or Uzi's lying around every few blocks. You fight with baseball bats, paddles, sticks, crowbars, and your weapons wear down, get old, and break. You have to repair them constantly, upgrade them, and even create new ones like a baseball bat with nails.

As the game progresses the zombies get fiercer, mutate, even regular zombies have a lot of variation in their behavior. And as the zombies seem to evolve you have to evolve to by creating some really awesome weapons like electrified bowie knives. Dead Island gets it right, you always feel like you're trying to survive but they keep it fun. The island setting makes for a stark contrast to the nightmarish situation you are in and allows for a very diverse cast of characters and backgrounds.

The performances are decent most of the time and you are given four characters to choose from. The male leads are pretty stereotypical but the female characters are awesome. Dead Island also has great multiplayer in the most subtle way, when you're playing at home you will be alerted when other people are playing in the same location on the same map. You can then choose to join their party of survivors and this is all done in game so you never need to leave the single player campaign to go to a lobby, it's a very smooth transition. And surviving the game with strangers says absolutely the right tone for what's happening in the game.

Though when you're playing alone you are alone, the computer does not play the other characters for you, so when the cinematics play all four characters appear and this feels really disjointed, were these guys actually hiding in your backpack this whole time? There are a few bad performances, stereotypical characters, and it's nothing like the cinematic trailer but the gameplay is rock solid and the game is addictive. Dead Island is original and fun in a genre that has plenty of competition and I can't wait to play a sequel. If you love zombies and games, then you will love Dead Island, I give this game 8 stars out of 10.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Impressions

halo ce annivesary gameplay
I got a chance to play some multiplayer on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary at Halo Fest, I also saw some single player fragments, here are my impressions of the game. The multiplayer feels great, they're using the Halo reach engine to power it but they are using the original maps from the first Halo. This allows for the use of load outs those special abilities that allow you to run faster, go invisible, and cover yourself in a shield that were first introduced in Halo Reach.

The maps are looking great in HD, if you played the original 10 years ago your muscle memory is going to pick up right where it left off. There are some new additions to many of the maps that allow for some more flanking and strategy, and for the support of jet packs which weren't around when those maps were originally designed. Naturally Halo multiplayer wouldn't be quite the same without the magnum and don't worry it's making a big come back.

It is a very tricky thing revisiting old multiplayer maps, it can be like having all the roads change on your drive home, but in this case the improvements are welcome and the HD reboot is almost distractingly pretty. The maps that are returning are timberland, prisoner, installation 4, damnation, and beaver creek. But the oddest surprise at Halo fest had to have been the Halo 4 Warthog appearing in Forza Motor Sport 4 this year. You don't get to drive the Warthog but you do get to check under the hood using Forza's auto vista experience which lets you explore the high end and rare cars in the real world. That sums up my impressions of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Game Review

review of deus ex human revolution
The year is 2027, you play Adam Jenson who after an attack had to be cybernectically augmented so he could survive. These augmentations define the gameplay and the story as a war is waged over the augmentation of the humans and the altering of human evolution. Deus Ex Human Revolution stylistically picks up in many ways where Blade Runner left off. It feels exactly like the original Deus Ex 2000 game and that is a very good thing.

The game offers choice, nearly every mission can be approached in three ways. Using stealth, conversation, or good old fashion fighting Deus Ex let's you own the game, you choose how you want to fight, what you say, the missions you take, and how you complete them. One day you maybe be playing Deus Ex and you may want to blast your way into every mission, the next day maybe you decide that you'll talk your way out of every conflict, it is up to you, Deus Ex Human Revolution is your game.

The price of these choices is a level of complexity that not every gamer might be used to, Deus Ex will not hold your hand, you need to explore, think, and be strategic. You have a variety of weapons all of which are upgradable and you can also upgrade your cybernetics giving you the ability to see and punch through walls, become invisible, jump higher, run faster, well you get the picture.

Deus Ex is a great game that gives you the possibilities that can spark your imagination. The weak spots however are some very bad character modeling and animations at times, faces go from looking perfectly normal to perfectly terrible as does some of the acting. The main character though is incredibly well acted and he anchors the game. Bad acting and puppet like animations hold it back from being a perfect game but this is an incredible beautifully world and it's easy to get lost in. I give Deus Ex Human Revolution 9 stars out of 10.

Battlefield 3 Early Review

battlefield 3 gameplay review
I got to play a few rounds of Battlefield 3 and wanted to give a quick review, when the full game is released we will then do a full review of the game. so here goes..

Kick the tires and light the fires because Battlefield 3 is almost here. When you think first person shooter you think guns, explosions, vehicles, and if you're very lucky some aircraft. But all too often you forget about the details and after demoing Battlefield 3 a few times I found that is the heart of what Battlefield 3 is about. When playing the game it was fun, it was intense but in a way I have never quite experienced before. The immersion was so deep that it took me a few moments to figure out why.

The attention to detail and the realism in Battlefield 3 is striking, beyond the bullets and the falling buildings is a beautiful game and the graphics engine named Frostbite renders it all fantastically. You will see bullets chip away at pillars, shadows of small rocks in the dessert, and flying glass. So much is destructible in Battlefield 3 that it makes you feel like you have a real impact on your environment, and even the lighting feels like a real character. When the visual elements are combined with the sound design it actually hits this instinctual cord, you feel like this is all happening for real on some level.

Now this is a first person shooter so obviously the environment isn't what really grabs your focus, it's the other players and the A.I. And even on that level the faces look alarmingly realistic, the way the soldiers walk, the way they run, and even how they revive each other gives a sense of authenticity that has been lost in many shooters. It's exactly like the difference between a hardcore racing simulation and an arcade racer. Battlefield 3 is an intense shooter and what I've played so far is exceptionally fun, there will be multiplayer maps of up to 64 people and I think that's where the real game will begin. Those are my brief impressions of Battlefield 3 but we won't know the whole story till the full game comes out this October.

Boulder Dash XL Game Review

boulder dash xl gameplayBoulder Dash is back digging, crushing, and grabbing diamonds. You play Rockford who in the original 1984 version was just a guy trying to grab some diamonds while dodging fireflies and killing butterflies. Now Rockford is a robot with a telescoping arm and has a host of new enemies, maps, and devices. The first few levels are very easy but just about the time you start getting cocky things get deadly fast.

You're racing against the clock trying to collect as many diamonds as you possibly can so you can open up the next exit. The real danger is getting greedy, thinking you have time to grab just one more diamond, that you can reach another one despite the danger. The most difficult part of Boulder Dash is you and that is what makes this game so fun, the urge to smarter to problem solve faster is at the core of what has always made this game great.

The best thing about Boulder Dash XL though is the original 8 bit version that comes with it, which honestly I enjoy playing more than the HD version. It was one of my favorite games on the Commodore 64 and it has a certain intensity that the HD version just can't capture. The original mechanics of Boulder Dash still hold up, the game is fun, fast paced, and requires a great deal of skill. We give Boulder Dash 8 stars out of 10.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Game Review

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Gameplay and controls
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
is fun and frustrating, this 2D side action puzzler is inventive in it's lack of invention. They've stripped out a long story introduction, hand holding tutorials, or even a sense of where to go and that for the most part is a good thing. This game is learn as you play and what drives it is the accomplishment of discovery. The controls could use some further tweaking but you should get the hand of things fairly quickly.

The visuals are the strenght of the game though the information that they give you is not, you will run into some puzzles that fail to indicate what you're doing wrong. Understand though that the times you run into weak controls and poor indicators are far and few between and that does not keep this game from being fun and inventive. It has a great soundtrack and very solid boss battles, it is a very pleasant return to games like Blood Money and the lack of hand holding is a plus for me. I give Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 7 stars out of 10.

From Dust Game Review

The world is what you make it in From Dust, this game gives you the potential to be like a God with creation. You can build mountains, divert rivers, channel lava flows, and expand the land of your tribe. From Dust is currently on available on the Xbox 360 and coming to the PC and it's an artful return to the games like Populous.

Every level introduces you to a new map full of challenges, Nature is often against you and your people with frequent tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and wildfires. Scattered throughout the land are totems which you build your villages around. These totems often give you powers to dry out the land preventing floods, gather up more land water of lava, extinguish fires and a whole lot more.

You can also discover new knowledge that can be passed from villager to villager that will help protect your people. For the most part your villagers are smart, you can't control them directly, but you can send them on missions. But there are times you will watch your villagers walk into their own death or get stuck but that doesn't happen too often.

From Dust is fun for the first 10 minutes and then you'll look up at the clock and realise you've been playing this game for 6 hours only to build a wall of lava. It is time consuming and very hard to put down in the best of ways, we give this game 8 stars out of 10.

Bastion Game Review

bastion gameplay review
Bastion talks you into playing it with great narration, it feels like a story book is being read to you. The narrator is half this game and with a voice that sounds like the Duke Nukem character's voice its very entrancing. This narration and deeply inventive story is what makes Bastion so mesmerizing. Every level is relatively short, there are however plenty of levels to play and every step gives you new insights to your character, the few survivors of Bastion that have been left, and how the world has been destroyed.

What's really odd about the game and really great is that everything you do is commented on and it makes you feel like you're writing this adventure. It's a truly original concept and it really does pay off. Bastion has your normal role playing game features with upgrades for weapons and abilities, there is a surprisingly large amount of upgrades and gear to choose from. This game casts a spell that will entrance just about anyone, and it's definitely one of the most original games I've played in years. It reminds me of movies like Dark City, NeverEnding Story, and even Labyrinth. Bastion is available for $15 on Xbox Live, I give this game 9 stars out of 10.

Alice The Madness Returns Game Review

alice the madness returns video gameplay
Alice The Madness Returns
has what is best in games, first the game play is entirely tight, fun, and rewarding so don't worry about any of that. You can shrink, see the invisible, strike with a blade, shoot pepper corn like a mini gun, smash with a hobby horse, and even wield one deadly tea pot.

What is remarkable about the game and you probably guested it by now if you seen the previews is the art direction. The constantly changing environments and the myriad of vivid characters. You are in a world influenced by a young woman's english and it reflects that in every turn in this twisted and warped wonderland. It is the world that compels you to move forward faster and faster like a kid trying to see every attraction at a theme park.

The story is pushing you ahead as well with an element of intrigue, you're trying to find out what happened to you and your family, and the process of defeating enemies, overcoming obstacles, and solving puzzles brings you closer and closer to the truth. Alice has an incredible amount of subtext and it's a fascinating game to play, the idea just like it was 10 years ago, with American Mcgee's original Alice is incredible fun and smart, and this new game is everything that Alive the movie should have been.

Rarely will you see a game story, art direction, gameplay all so directly linked and influential to each other, amongst the chaos Alice has a great deal of harmony. If you want to go further down the rabbit hole then you should play Alice The Madness Returns. We give this game 9 stars out of 10.

L.A. Noire Game Review

L.A. Noire Game Review
L.A. Noire
by Rockstar games has a great story, it's strong and holds it's own against television shows, films, and novels. You're a former war hero turned beat cop, after you complete every chapter in the game you begin to rise in ranks, you move from the beat to traffic to homicide, you follow this character's career all the way.

What stands out for L.A. Noire isn't the gameplay, the realistic traffic, or the genuine Los Angeles setting, but the writing and acting. The performances in L.A. Noire are believable and ofter riveting, and the gameplay is wrapped up in that acting. When you question a suspect you need to call whether they are lying, holding back or telling the truth. And this is based on the actor's actual performances and those performances have been captured with great detailed down to the slightest blink which we have not seen till now in a game.

That degree of accuracy to follow facial expressions to solve a game. The cast is full of actors from movies and television shows you may now such as Madmen and Fringe. I found myself forgetting that this is a game, it fells more like a full season of a cop TV show, but you get to play it all out yourself. There are a few issues with the game, looking around for clues in L.A. Noire can feel a bit clunky and hit or miss. You get a vibration when walk by a clue but leads to a lot of dancing around the evidence.

If you liked Heavy Rain you're going to feel right at home with this game, it's not as emotionally impactful as Heavy Rain but this is an experience very people should miss. This is a step forward for a video games both technically and from a performance stand point. L.A. Noire is pushing the medium of games forward and for that we give it 9 out of 10 stars.

Mortal Kombat Game Review 2011

Mortal Kombat is back and it's actually is better than ever. The series has had some big missteps since the game came out, but now they have dragged back home. The controls are quick and accurate. Most of your favorite characters are back and some of my lease favorite characters. If you have played the games before your old muscle memory will return, and if you haven't you won't be left out in the sub-zero cold, there are plenty of tutorials to whip you into fighting shape.

Mortal Kombat was the first game to introduce fatalities, now they are introducing X-ray moves. These special moves give you an inside glance at the damage you're doing to your opponent. Match making works very well and there are a variety of modes such as tag team and king of the hill. The multiplayer experience is very well thought out. So jump up and down get ready to crack some heads and get ready for some kombat. We give Mortal Kombat 8 fatalities out of 10.

Lego Star Wars 3 Review - The Clone Wars

free lego star wars the clone wars game for nintendo 3DS
Lightsabers fly off the screen, ships jump out at you and laser blasts fly pass your fingers. Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars for the Nintendo 3DS is one of the best games to own on the this device. The game designers did a great job on the 3D rendering effects, it's well balanced and not over done.

The game is solid brick for brick and the story is humorously handled in true Lego fashion making fun of itself and the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series. You can choose from several characters to play at almost anytime except for sometimes in space combat, which is again nicely handled. There is plenty of combat and the usual amount of puzzle solving that is engaging without being enraging. Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars for the Nintendo 3DS really shows off what the 3D effect can do. I give this game 9 lightsabers out of 10.

Killzone 3 Game Review

killzone 3 freeKillzone 3 is the kind of game you buy to show off what your PlayStation 3 can do. It's dramatic, epic, and at times distractingly beautiful. You will see a bombed out capital city, a lush jungle, a cold Arctic shore, and in all these places the art direction and graphics are masterly handled.

But unfortunately Killzone 3 is not about taking photos of your beautiful sunny vacation on helghast. It's about shooting dudes, a lot amount of dudes, a ridiculously large amount of dudes. The shooting is good, the controls and strong you feel it in your hand and everything reacts to controls exactly as they should. The mechs are awesome as mechs always are, the jetpacks are very fun.

Last but not least, the story, the Killzone series has finally found their sweet spot when it comes to pacing, the action and the storyline are evenly mixed. Though the drama from the hero's side of things does not seem original, the villain stories are well crafted. On top of all these improvements Killzone 3 lets you use the PlayStation move with a super easy mode to compensate for the increased difficultly. It is hard at first but you start to compensate fairly quickly and it is a fresh and new way to approach this type of game. And it does open it up to those who have never touched a PS 3 controller.

Killzone 3 is also beautifully rendered in the 3D format, so if you do have a 3D TV then you should check it out. With improved gameplay, extreme kinetic multiplayer, fantastic art direction, and a great villain, we give Killzone 9 stars out of 10.

Dead Space 2 Game Review

free dead space 2 game for ps3 and xbox 360
Turn the lights down low and strap on your adult size diaper because Dead Space is back. You've survived the horrors of the spaceship Ishimura and the mining colony below. Only now to face the terrors of The Sprawl, a city built on the shard of the moon Titan orbiting Saturn. After the events of the very first game you're in a psych ward which shouldn't be surprising.

And things have gone to crap pretty fast, you have to find out what is going on, how to survive, and face your own personal demons. Dead Space 2 is scary, fun, and a bit repetitive. The environments in a word are gorgeous but they are also incredibly horrific. The enemies are disgusting, nightmarish, and buried and not at all for the faint of heart.

The story again is a descent into what feels like madness, it is a physiological thriller as much as it is a horror story. And like it's predecessor, Dead Space 2 is a strong scifi horror story. It wouldn't matter if it was a movie, book, or a game, it's just a good story. If you like the horror genre and have proper bladder control then you will love Dead Space 2. I give Dead Space 8 stars out of 10.

Little Big Planet 2 Game Review

little big planet 2 game reviewYes, Sackboy is back and he is as adorable as ever. Despite massive amount of cuteness, Little Big Planet 2 is exactly where a 2d platformer ought to be. Sure you've got your limbo, you're super meatboy, but largely this genre has been done to death, buried... dug back up.... resurrected and then killed again.

What has mostly kept 2d platformers coming back are new art designs and inventive takes on gameplay, and that is where Little Big Planet 2 kicks some serious burlap butt. There is a fun if not dementia inducing story, fantastic game physics, new devices and exceptional artistic direction. That alone makes it a great game but also gives you the tools to be your own game developer, to be creative and then to show off that creativity to yours friends and the rest of the gaming community as well. And if you don't that's a big deal, over 3 million user generated levels were created from Little Big Planet 1. This is a game with no lack of content coming from it's own community.

The one big weak spot of Little Big Planet 2 is the enemies. With everything in the game feeling so inventive and fun, the baddies feel robotic and canned like they have been imported from some other lesser game. The main story levels of Little Big Planet 2 are wildly inventive and just plain fun and you are rewarded at every turn to show off your high score and by collecting new items to be use on your own level design. It's also this curiosity as to what the next level is going to look like that pushes you forward in the game again and again. I give Little Big Planet 8 stars out of 10.