Tron Evolution Game Review

tron video gameTron Evolution is gorgeous, ambitious, and a bit flawed. It functions as a prequel to the upcoming film Tron Legacy. The story is okay but not exactly a must have for those excited for the film. The cut scenes could have been handled better from the writing to to the actual editing. What Tron Evolution is, is ambitious, this game requires lots of skills. They combine wall running, tank battles, light cycle races, and disc combat all into one game and that's not easy.

The is some serious combat repetition in this game, but there are a lot of combo moves and different discs to fight with. As long as you keep adapting and changing things up in this game you will continue to have fun. But if you don't you will be bored to digital tears. The soundtrack is awesome featuring 2 tracks from Daft Punk and several other artists that manage to keep you heart racing.

It's a very pretty game and captures the feel of the movies. It might be rough around the edges as far as the game play but I would like to see a sequel. If you're a hardcore gamer and you do like the Tron series then you should have plenty of fun with Tron Evolution. I give Tron Evolution 7 stars out of 10.