Disney's Epic Mickey Game Review

epic mickey gameEpic Mickey is inventive, fun, and enthralling. It captures that Disney feeling from the get go. You're responsible for turning a cartoon world into a wasteland, you're dragged kicking and screaming into the fight to control that world. This idea is what makes the game fantastic because you can repair parts of this world or destroy them. Which makes for some very interesting level design. You have the choice to either erase your enemies or bring to them to your side by painting them which makes them fight for you. These 2 game mechanics alone adds some great dept to the game play that you rarely see on the Wii.

The controls however can be a bit dodgy at times and the in game cameras also something you will have to trouble shoot. Because of the complexity of the game play the camera angle your working with can be your greatest enemy, these however are not deal breakers. You will constantly be move from 3 dimensional levels to 2 dimensional levels, this jumping back and forth really keeps the game fresh. It lets you explore the many different styles mickey mouse has gone through the years. It's this constantly changing environment that makes you want to push forward and see what they are going to do next. It doesn't matter of your Disney fan or not, this is a solid game with a wonderful amount of ingenuity and a very good story. I give Epic Mickey 8 stars out of 10.